Emotional Intelligence Training Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Imagine how much stronger your working and personal relationships would be if you really understood what made people tick, not only when things are going well, but also during conflict or stress. SDI is not just another “personality test”, it is a development tool that provides an understanding of what drives you and what drives others. It empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves results.

Why SDI Works?

SDI helps explain the reasons for our actions
It goes beyond behaviour to reveal our inner values and driving motivation. It is therefore very effective for use within performance management, interpersonal communication, team building and many other areas of learning and development.
SDI de-personalises conflict
It’s an effective but non-threatening method for conflict resolution and is an excellent tool to use in mediation.
SDI is memorable
It’s simple to understand, fun to learn and promotes common sense concepts in a highly visual manner. It provides a common language for understanding motivation and behaviour.
SDI honours our differences
It values our different strengths, enables us to realise when our strengths can sometimes be overdone and allows us to better understand and interpret the actions of others.

How does SDI work?

Firstly you complete a psychometric questionnaire indicating how you are likely to behave in various situations, both when you are feeling good about yourself and when you are under stress or in conflict. The results are plotted on a chart which identifies your “Core Values” as one or a combination of colours. An individual’s “core values” will determine how they behave and how they perceive the behaviour of others. Therefore understanding your “core values” and those of the people you interact with has huge benefits in improving the quality of relationships.

SDI has greatest benefit when done in teams. The trainer will plot the whole team’s SDI profiles on a composite chart. The team then discuss the group’s strengths and potential blind spots and can revisit their results online indefinitely.

Why would I want to invest in SDI?

If your employees understand their MVS and those of their colleagues, managers and subordinates, they will be able to interpret behaviours more accurately and respond in an appropriate and constructive way. SDI will raise self awareness and emotional intelligence and if that new awareness is used, it will improve the quality of all relationships and therefore productivity.

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